Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time for introductions

Suppose I should start out with a blurb about me. I am 32yo Canadian lady living in the Netherlands. I moved here almost 8 yrs ago to be with my husband. What a different world! I moved to the East of the country (opposite side to Amsterdam) to a small city where English certainly wasn't spoken (the one's that could speak it seemed to be afraid to speak it). So I learned the language as fast as I could taking an advanced 2 year course. Now I speak Dutch fluently (but with an accent). 4 years ago (while pregnant with my second daughter) I decided to open up my own business - Dog grooming business. I was basically born in a dog grooming salon so this came as second nature to me. ( - sorry it's all in Dutch) I do miss being in Canada - I left my friends and family behind. I also miss the space of everything... In Canada: roads are bigger houses are bigger yards are bigger stores are bigger forests are bigger coffee's are about 4 cups bigger (and better) meals in a restaurant are bigger ok u get the idea. I am going to do my best with keeping this blog updated. So keep checking back! groetjes Candee