Monday, December 28, 2009


Merry Christmas.  I hope every one had a festive holiday!
Despite the multiculturalism of Holland, Christmas is celebrated but not always as a big celebration within the home as others.  A turkey dinner is not unheard of but is rather uncommon although it is becoming more associated with Christmas.  Turkeys sold here are usually baby turkeys (2kg), a larger turkey can of course be ordered at a butcher.  The Dutch do not have a specific Christmas meal.  They may have duck, spaghetti or Chinese food and to them that would be totally normal.  I can't even tell you that candy canes is typical Christmas because for the first 5 years living here I had to have them imported here if I wanted them. 
Christmas eve is not celebrated but Boxing day is. Boxing day is called tweede Kerst or "Second Christmas".  Some families may use this as another day to visit and have a special meal like many North American's would on Christmas eve. Christmas gifts may or may not be exchanged.  Most children have already been visited by Sinterklaas and there fore a visit from Santa would just be a little over the top.  Okay, I can just see my husband just saying "That's what I have been saying over the years but NOO you insist on spoilling them...." No dear I am just incorporating both of our traditions :-)

I can say that this year was the first year in about 20 years that all of Holland has had a white Christmas.