Monday, August 23, 2010

The Veluwe

One place I must recommend for anybody who loves the nature or who feel a little cramped up in this over populated country and want some open land to escape to, is The Veluwe (The site is available in English - look for the UK flag at the right top corner).  For the last month or so , we have been exploring  a different section of the Veluwe knowing that it will take forever before I see all of this national park.

Lately we have been visiting the Veluwezoom just outside of Arnhem where the highest point reaches 110 meters above sea level, which is one of the highest points in Holland with exception to the very hilly south Limburg.  The Netherlands is known for being a very flat piece of land and this is no exception for the city I live.  What I find so interesting is that the Veluwzoom is within a half hour drive from where we reside. 

You will not just see beautiful plants and wildlife but you may come across some very social Iceland ponies.
Some of the other bigger animals that can be found there are wild boars, Scottish highland cows and sheep that are rounded up by boarder collies and sheep herders. 

There are also many volunteers walking around very willing and eager to supply information, some of them bring along their very knowledgeable children or grandchildren who are just as enthusiastic as them selves. 
At the main visitor centre at the Veluwezoom there are many activities, a bistro, bike and scooter rentals and even a beautiful butterfly garden.
And if you aren't all that scared for honey bees you can visit where they keep their honey bee hives and I am sure they have an organized time and date when a bee keeper goes out to collect the honey. I was using my zoom on my camera making sure not to get too close, mind you these honey bees really were not interested in us humans. 

Admission into the Veluwezoom is free, although admission into all of the Veluwe  unfortunately is not  so please check before you visit before hand.