Monday, January 17, 2011

Marvel Madness

This weekend was the weekend.... yes THE WEEKEND that all wives alike only pray never happens to them.  It was THE WEEKEND that the mother-in-law evicts the boxes of comic magazines and those boxes of comic magazines have no choice (according to husband) but to move in with  *gulp* us. WHY DEAR LORD WHY??  

 Those boxes quickly turned into big bags for transportation reasons (and easier access for husband I am sure).  They were put no other place but on MY bed and there he sat like a child going through his old comics only hoping his daughters would have the same enthusiasm as he shared.

 Some of the comics I only knew of because of living here so long.

 Some comics are internationally known

 Other comics I have never heard of in my life!

I have no idea if there are any of value in the collection.  Most of the comics were very well used so I doubt there will be.  Most of them were from the 1980's and early 1990's. 

The old music magazines were fun to look at until they made me realize how old I am.  I may not have been buying these same magazines but I would have been buying magazines in Canada in the year 1991 and a lot of the same artists would have been featured.  *sigh* How do I convince my 13 year old that our music was also once cool? 

It wasn't hard to amuse my 5 year old daughter when she found a toy catalogue from 1991.  Even I had to take a torturing peak at this.  Yes this made me feel even older than the 'top of the pop' books did.

  "Mommy Mommy LOOOOOK They had Etcha Sketch in your days too"!  In "My days" like it's a completely different era or something.  My gosh it's not that long ago - at least it doesn't feel THAT long ago... Oh who the hell am I kidding?? ummm quick save "It was from papa's days not mine darling".  That should do it!

Remember these jewels?   I barely do... you know... with my age comes memory loss ...

hmmm wonder if my mom still has my old Nintendo and games.