Saturday, February 20, 2010


In most parts of the Netherlands, Carnival is readily celebrated (or Carnaval as it is spelled in Dutch).  Carnaval is a celebration that is much like a Mardi Gras that leads up to Lent.  A whole year of planning and designing will usually go into many of the floats used in the local parade.  Also most younger children will go to school wearing costumes and many games and activities will be available for the children.

My two children dressed up for Carnaval for school..
My oldest wore the popcorn costume last year and won a prize.  We then sold the costume on Marktplaats (sort of like ebay) for 25 euros. 


If you want to see the best Carnaval floats and parades, the place to be is in the south of Holland, particularly Den Bosch, and Mastricht.     The floats are to be seen the weekend before Ash Wednesday and many parties are also to be found from Thursday until Tuesday and the Wednesday (Ash Wednesday - or in Canada we called this pancake Wednesday) the Dutch would finish off their party days with eating a raw haring Mmmmm (*shudders*).


Sonya said...

The girls look so great and I hope to see the floats one day. Edwin isnt big on Carnaval but I would love to see it for picture taking purposes:)

Monica Gaudet said...

I wish they did things like this here. Even though we don't have kids - how much fun is that!!! I love Europe!!!

Haddock said...

That popcorn costume is a good idea.

Lost in Translation said...

Haha thats awesome I did not know they had Karnival there too. :)