Thursday, June 3, 2010


If you have absolutely no Dutch knowledge, you are probably looking at the title of this particular blog thinking what the A..? Avondviedaagse literally translates to "evening four days (event)".  What happens during this event? Walking... lots of walking!  Depending on your age and well being you could be walking up to 50 km a day especially if you decide to do the Nijmegens International four day march (which will be around 20th of July this year).  And why would they want to walk so far? Tradition! It was started in the early 1900's for  Physical education teachers and soldiers, it didn't take long for this to became popular among other sport groups. If you decide to walk the NijmegenseVierdaagse, wear your good sport shoes and bring lots of bandages for the blisters, you will be walking 30km, 40km, or 50km each day.

The city I live in just rounded off their four day march where mostly children participate in (but it is open to everybody of all ages).

The children/adult from all sorts of schools, sports and after school groups have the option of walking 5km, 7km and 10km . The kids do this while screaming singing all sorts of songs and chants.  Usually on the last day all the parents and friends will stand along side the road awaiting the parade of marchers with hands full of candy's, flowers and toys to throw over their necks as they pass by. 

How some of these children make it to the end with out whip lash or any other neck injury is beyond me.

 And if this guy behind you blowing on his horn in your ear isn't enough to motivate you to keep moving, then I am not sure what is!


Breigh (Canadutch) said...

That all sounds like a very special kind of torture to me! :P

Sonya said...

ooh dont you just hate..I mean love those I would totally do the walk if I got candy at the end!

Viajera said...

Maybe we should steal this wonderful idea for our kids here in Canada. They really need to become more active.