Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting into the Christmas spirit

I always find it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit early in the Netherlands.  The majority of people will not decorate until Sinterklaas leaves for Spain on the 5th of December.  Even my husband has set the rule (maybe the ONLY rule he has been successful in enforcing in our house) that no Christmas decorations go up until Sinterklaas goes out. But let me tell you as soon as that Dutch Christmas party pooper is out... I am decking the halls with boughs of holly!
One way I can always count on to get into the Christmas mood is by going to Intratuin (our largest garden centre chains).  They always have this garden centre so beautifully decorated that scrooge would even be inspired to decorate. This one is in Duiven, when it opened up it was the largest indoor garden centre in Europe.

Notice how big this display is!  This is just one of many.
With beautiful Dickensville displays like this it makes me almost want to start another space consuming pricey collection...... Almost.
I really got some superb idea's and some great inspiration.  I can't wait to decorate.  I even hope it snows (really snows not just sprinkles) to add to the Christmas feeling (the snow can leave in January).

And, la piece de la resistance, radioactive animals!

Another great way to get into the Christmas feeling around here is by going to the markets, particularly the German ones. My good friend Sonya went to one in Osnabruck, Germany this weekend (I´m so jealous), she has some beautiful pictures you can see her blog at Home Cooking with Sonya


Sonya said...

Oh man I would go nuts if I had to wait intil after the 5th before I could Im already planning on getting the tree on tuesday hopefully :)

You'll have to go to a Christmas Market in germany for sure! I cant believe you havent gone to one yet..they are so much fun

Loved your photos :) I love walking around that store.

Invader_Stu said...

We have the same no Christmas decorations until after sinterklaas as well. I kind of like it that way because it makes it feel more special for me if the Christmas stuff is not up for too long.

Funnily enough we were at the Intratuin this weekend (a different one by the looks of your photos) buy decorations for when old Sint has left :p