Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Butter ham (Boterham)

Boterham is Dutch for sandwhich and they love their boterhammen.  Variations of open and closed faced sandwhiches are often the Dutch's choices for breakfast and lunch. 

Favourites include:

Chocolate, fruit or licorice flavoured sprinkles on an open faced sandwich.

Beschuit - a very airy dry piece of toast good to put any topping on.  If a baby is born, traditionally beschuit with little coloured balls (muisjes) flavoured as licorice are served to the guests that come see the new baby.  Pink muisjes for a girl and blue for a boy of course.  
Tosti - is actually nothing more than a grilled cheese or panini.  Many variations of this can be found - cheese with any type of meat, spices, tomato, brie, nuts, pineapple.  If it can be thought up, it has been served here in the Netherlands.  These are a favourite in my household and regularly seen at lunch time. 

Most restaurants/cafe's serve messy looking, often open faced sandwiches that are almost always delicious!  These sandwiches are not made to be eaten between your fingers.  First off: you WILL make a mess Secondly: People seem to look at you oddly as you try to balance one between your thumbs and fingers and watch its contents fall down the front of your shirt (yes I speak from experience).  These sandwiches are served with a fork and sharp knife.  I believe it may be a code of conduct thing that you are supposed to eat a sandwich with a fork and knife. I still can't resist to pick them up between my fingers and thumb if they aren't too messy. 


Aledys Ver said...

They are delicious and the variations are infite. I am still amazed at how the Dutch love to put everything on bread and they consider it as proper food, while in other parts of the world, bread is only something to nibble on or sth to push the main food around on your plate.
But for me, the crown of all the bread love is the broodje gehakt: the idea of having a (round) huge meatball on a bun is somehow funny.

Candee said...

It's crazy how much they love their bread and still they can stay skinny! My husband was telling me today that I don't eat enough bread. I came from a country that drilled it in you that bread and other carbs were sinful and would go straight to your hips.
I have been told even by dietitians that 6-8 slices of bread a day is healthy. I couldn't imagine eating that much without looking like a loaf.

Philly Girl Abroad said...

At first I thought the sandwiches for breakfast and lunch were so bizarre, but now I look forward to lunch out. Great photos! Lekker!

Invader_Stu said...

Dutch bread (And the stuff they put on it) is amazing. I love the stuff.