Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parking in Germany

Not quite Dutch related but thought this was interesting...

Underground parking garage in Germany.  This is one of the closest parking spots to the doors.  The sign on the post literally translates to  "Woman Parking Spot".  According to my husband the parking spots are wider but I could not see the difference.  I think this is just a courtesy spot just like the pregnancy/baby toddler parking spots found in North America, it is also probably a safety feature so that ladies do not have to walk through a garage especially at the end of a shopping day.  Back to this FrauenParkplätze - I waited at the entrance of the parking garage doors for a good 5 minutes while my husband did a bathroom run with our daughters.  In that time I saw three vehicles come and go in the FrauenParkplätze All MEN WERE DRIVING!!! Maybe they were having a gender identity crisis?  Reminds me of all those times I wanted to park in the pregnancy/baby spots in Canada but some MAN with out a child or even baby seat jumps in that spot ahead of me and I am stuck with an infant parking on the other side of the parking lot. 

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