Sunday, April 18, 2010

Going Home for three weeks!

Yes after 9 years I still refer to my birth city as home even though I reside here in the Netherlands and know I probably will the rest of my life.

Thursday morning we plan to leave for a very well needed three week vacation back to my family and friends.  That is, if this ash cloud blows away and the air space opens up again.  During our vacation I will not be able to update my blog so please be patient - I will be back hopefully with more fresh ideas of differences between my two loved countries.

A while back I did a blog entry about what I miss most - a wish list I have when people come to visit me.  This time I will show you what I usually bring to surprise my friends and family or to fulfil their wish lists. My husband says I spoil my friends and family but I feel I don't even come close to spoiling them.  I am not there for them every day like I wish I could.  Wouldn't it be nice to just warp from one place to another?

Warning  for any friends or family reading this before I leave - you may see things you will receive.  Please look away or smile and act shocked when I give these gifts to you!

1. Clothes - mostly for one of my best friends children who I adoringly call  my niece and nephews. Plus a shirt for my mother.
2. My brother and is beautiful wife is expecting so I have a few gifts for the little one to come.
3. When ever I have been to Canada with my youngest, my sister in law raved about the smell of my daughter.  I told her it's just Zwitsal the most common baby brand in the Netherlands.  I must admit that I love it to and won't use any other brand now.  I promised her that when she ever got pregnant that I would fully supply her cupboards with Zwitzal products.  I just saw in a flyer they now have Zwitzal perfumes for mommy - I will have to buy her some. 
4. A birthday calendar - standard in every Dutch bathroom.  The Dutch do not like to forget anybodies birthdays. A friend asked me to bring her one.
5.Dutch Pride paraphernalia for Queens Day since we will be celebrating it there.  I brought lots to force hand out to my friends and family.  Includes: 2 hats, boa, sunglasses, flip flops and hairband flag things.
6. A washball.  You can use this in your wash instead of soap.  My mother requested this.
7. Red Band Candies. 
8. Duo Penotti - My sister in law is Polish and when she was younger and lived in Poland she used to enjoy this chocolate spread.  We found it sold in a Dutch Delicacy store in Canada for over $10.00 - it's sold for around 2 euros here ($2.73 CAD).
9. Tuc Crackers - my mothers last trip here she fell in love with these so I bought her a pile of them.   
10. Lots of chocolates.  I am probably not done buying chocolates and just thinking now I forgot to add some to the picture.  Seriously - if you have never had European chocolate, you have not tasted chocolate!
11. Lenor - I'll add it to this picture but for the first time I don't need to pack it.  On my recent trips home, everyone raved about how good my clothes smell and my kids clothes smell.  Lenor is the reason why.  I would have to bring a bottle of Lenor home every time.  Luckily for my weight allowance, my sister in law found a Polish store near Toronto who supplies Lenor so I no longer  need to supply their clothes softener.

11.  So the 11 in this picture is instant coffee (cappuccino's) I forgot to add them in the first picture.  My dad and my best friend loves these.  

I will also probably still buy some stroopwafels and I also have zout drop (salty licorice) which I forgot to add to the picture. I usually bring a block of cheese back - I am waiting to hear back if this is needed this year.


Lost in Translation said...

I hope you have a great trip :)

Sonya said...

Aaaww thats so wonderful that you are taking them all those wonderful goodies!!! I sure hope you are able to fly out on thursday and I cant wait to hear about everything you did and ate when you come

Viajera said...

I hope your flight pulls through. The weather is beautiful now so have a great trip.

Candee said...

I certainly will enjoy myself - thank you!
Looks like my flight is pulling through - as of right now my air line is telling me my flight is scheduled to fly on Thurs. morning. Fingers crossed that there are no changes!