Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Vrolijk Pasen is Dutch for Happy Easter.

When I first moved here I found Easter was hardly noticed.  There was barely any decorations sold in stores or special foods/meals sold in the grocery stores.  My oldest daughter did go to an egg hunt at our local soccer club but this isn't something I hear every child gets to experience.  Now a days it has become more to what I am used to. Rows of decorations and Easter chocolates can be bought in many stores and many special festive meals are available in the grocery stores.
While walking through town today I stopped to talk to a friend who's family owns a Turkish butcher shop.  She said that this year has been much busier than years before.  People want special dishes and large offerings at that.  Five years ago she would never guess that this was a festive occasion but now you would almost think this was Christmas.  I am very happy for her families business that it is very busy right now.
Growing up in Canada we always had a small Easter egg hunt with a few small spring gifts (ie. skipping rope, side walk chalk, bubbles etc.).  I carry on that tradition with my girls but I understand that children here do not normally get a gift at Easter. 


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Sonya said...

I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter! I don't see much if it around here either. When the boys started school I asked if they were doing anything for Easter..they didn't. This year they made a basket so I guess that is something!