Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holland DOES have talent!

I admit, I watched the first few seasons of Dutch Idols but after awhile it got to be the same ol same ol boring stuff.  To me it was as if they found all the talent they were going to find in this small country.  Shortly after Dutch Idol seemed to also fizz out for the Dutch audience (maybe it hasn't and I am still speaking on personal opinion), Hollands Got Talent seemed to be the next reality talent show to make your big debut on.  I started watching the first season not finding myself impressed and quickly zapping the channel.  This year I entertained my oldest daughter, Breanna,  and decided to sit along side her while she watched Hollands got Talent. Was I ever in for a big surprise... it was as if they found a whole new group of REALLY talented people, especially children.

These amazing little guys are only 9,11 and 14 and making moves that hurt my bones just looking at them.

This is another great duo.  I love how they work in synchronized with one another.

This is the cutest little girl.  She went up and auditioned on her own.  At the end of her perfect audition, the judges asked where her mother is and asked if she would come on stage.  They then found out it was her mother who taught her how to dance so well.  They all decided that the young girl can come back IF she was accompanied by her mother (because that would make such a nice show... and it does).

Not too bad for a 9 year old. Ok it wasn't perfect but HE IS NINE!! Can you just imagine how he will sound at 16? Hopefully he will bump Bieber off the charts! {I kid Breanna I kid.... or not ;-)~ }


Pinay in Dutchland said...

Funny but when I was able to catch this show, there was this guy who was doing a geese show together with his dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then switched back to BBC. Im having tv boredom lately and not really a fan of Dutch shows. Hubby however makes sure that he watches Popstar.

Candee said...

He was good too - I love how well some dogs can work with their masters - there was even a dog dancing with her master. That to me was even better!! I can't remember if they made it through - I believe they did and they are still to perform (this week maybe). Youtube: Holland's got Talent 2010 - Rebekka en haar hond Lotte.

I don't usually watch Dutch shows. When I moved here 9.5 years ago there wasn't much of a selection and luckily there is a lot more English shows now.