Monday, September 6, 2010

Slagharen Theme Park

As the weather gets noticeably cooler and we seem to have more rain clouds than sunny days, I decided to take advantage of what possibly could be the last "warm," sunny weekend of the summer.  I packed up my big knapzak (backpack) with sandwiches, fruit, drinks and sultana crackers and we headed off to Slagharen Theme Park.  This country and western themed park has the right mix for young and old children.

My children being almost 5 and almost 13 were both able to find attraction that suited each other well.  

My oldest daughter is brave and will go on almost any ride.  

My youngest is still at a very unsure age and takes the easy safe looking rides.  

Whether you are in North America or Europe, theme parks seem to be relatively the same.  The same type of rides, the same overly priced fried tasteless foods, the useless knick knack souvenirs, large crowds and long lineups.  There was still a few differences I noticed from the theme parks I have visited in North America and here in the Netherlands namely, Slagharen:
-Height requirements weren't as strictly controlled as I have seen in N.A. theme parks.  I was seeing children that were too big getting on kiddy rides and children that were too small getting on big rides.

-Safety precautions are not as strict as they are in North America.  On many children rides the parents would stand at the inside of the exit gate (inside being where the ride is).  I remember in theme parks in Ontario the yell at you with there policing type voice "stand back behind the yellow line ma'm".  There was a small merry-go round ride at Slagharen where parents were throwing their kids on the ride and taking them off while it was still in motion. Other older children were jumping on and off the ride and running around it while it was in motion.  The operator didn't say anything about it. 

-All theme parks I have visited in North America frowned on bringing food in the park.  You would then have to fill a cooler box with ice and your picnic and leave it in your car, exit the park and re-enter after you eat your lunch.  The parks in the Netherlands seem to know that they will not be able to pry a cold botterham (sandwich) out of a Dutch persons hands so they don't even bother trying, instead they set up picnic areas all through out the park.  Whats even better? If you forgot something, they have a supermarket in Slagharen!  Ok I must add they also have cabins and tepee's so you can stay over night but the super market is in the theme park and not where the cabins are. Nifty!  Mind you the prices are probably doubled!

-I have mentioned before the Dutch love their dogs and they bring them every where... shopping... into restaurants etc.  You can also bring them into the theme park.  Mind you I can imagine there would be an even stricter poop and scoop rule in a park then there is in most cities (at least I would hope so).

- And only found in the Netherlands... Bong shaped slushy and drink cups... I kid you not! Kinda eerie watching a kid sip from one of these!

All in all we really enjoyed our sunny day out at Slagharen and would recommend this theme park to any one else. 


Tammy said...

I've never heard of this place! I've not been to any of the theme parks in NL though. I used to love Roller Coasters, maybe I should visit them sometime.

I think it'd be sort of disturbing to see kids drinking out of those bongs too!

Candee said...

If you are going for roller coasters.... I don't really recommend slagharen then. It only has one "big" one and by big I mean it has one loop. It also has a smaller one meant for bigger children and one for little children. Walibi World might be more your speed (pun intended) for roller coasters).

Sonya said...

We went last year..both there and Move Park Germany. Slagharen can get seriously crowded and didnt care to much for that but overall the boys had fun and there were rides for everyone to enjoy.

Man I totally want one of those bong sippy cups..LOL

Melissa said...

We will have to check it out...thanks for the tips :)