Thursday, September 3, 2009

adult content at WHAT AGE???

At first one of the things that shocked me was the openness to the naked body.  I mean I am all for it.  God gave me this body!  I just was not used to seeing topless women in day time advertisements.  Ok these were done very tastefully but it was still shocking.
Late night t.v. is just another story.  It is basically just porn and ads for sex lines. 

The age suggestions for shows seem to be a lot lower than in North America.  For instance... My oldest daughter started to bug us to watch  Brüno with Sacha Baron Cohen.  Right away I said absolutely NOT going to happen!  She ran to papa .... "but the age on it is 12 years old and I turn 12 in a few weeks PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE papa."  He almost allowed her to watch it until I saw that it was rated 18A in Canada.  My husband and I decided to go and watch the movie just to make sure the Canadians weren't just being "prude".  I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!!! There is sex (both homo and heterosexual), a lot of nudity (especially below the mans waist),  and a lot of adult content in general.  This movie is not meant for a 12 year old.  I don't even know if an 18 year old should be watching it (especially if it was my child).

Just goes to show that sometimes I have to just be the parent and ignore what is advised.  I will continue to preview any movie or show she wishes to watch until she is 18.  I feel I need to keep some sort of innocents in her even if the movies or tv tries to take it out of her.  

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