Monday, September 7, 2009

The pee pee dance

Going to the bathroom is a whole other story in Holland.  This is not the most pleasant experience especially if you are claustrophobic like my self.  Most bathrooms are no bigger than a closet, which are very cleverly called a "w.c." or water closet.  The toilets are not like the typical north American toilets.  They have a ledge where the water does not pool.  I am still not sure of the reasoning for this?  maybe for better inspection of your number 2.  All I know is because of the ledge the bathroom MUST be equipped with a very powerful air freshener and the toilet has to be cleaned a few times a day (especially if you have more than one person living in the house).  Many of the older toilets are flushed by pulling a draw string.. 
 Make sure you do use the toilet before leaving the house or hotel when visiting Holland.  Many stores do not have a public toilet  - apparently for insurance reasons.  When there is a public toilet, you must pay for it!  The price is usually any where from .20 to .50 euro cents.
 For those late night party goers that find them self out self with no public bathroom in sight... there is no reason to go pee in the closest alley way These portable urinals are strategically located where ever there is night life in Holland.  Often the portable urinals will lower them selves underground under a big man hole during the day and be raised back up at night time.  Now this is great for them men but what about the women???  Don't you worry darling, just as long as you carry around your own little contraption (available at most drug stores) you can also stand up to pee.  Isn't that just lovely?!?!


Anonymous said...

I wrote an article for about this very topic! Isn't it funny that something like a toilet can throw someone so off kilter?

lytha said...

you have got to be kidding me (that female urinal device). have you seen ladies using these? do you have one?


Candee said...

LOL Lytha No I don't have one. My life night isn't that adventurous to need one I must admit.