Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Biking around

Biking (with a bicycle) is the most popular mode of transportation in Holland.  Cities are so over populated and roads are so small that it is just easier and usually faster to get from point A to point B by bicycle.  The one thing the average North American may notice first is that almost nobody has a helmet on... no adult, no child not even the babies in the baby seats.  It took me some time to wrap my head around this one but later realized that this is a different world.  Drivers here are VERY bicycle cautious and most streets have a designated fietspad (bicycle path). 

It is rather fun to see some of the mommies (and daddies) bringing there kiddies to school in the morning with sometimes 3-4 kids on one bicycle.  They have bike seats for on the handle bars and double and triple seats for on the back.  I am not that brave to balance two kids on my bike.  One is more than enough and teach her how to ride her own bike with out training wheels is my goal. 

Some parents are smart enough to get one of these... the SUV's of bicycles... the Bakfiets!  This is a safe one where two kids can safely be fastened in with seat belts but I have seen them packed full of children, animals and groceries.  Apparently they are not as easy to handle as a normal bicycle.   

Alot of Hollands roads are still cobblestone - I thought I would just show it.  It is not the easiest to bike on but still necessary and usually faster than a car on busy days. Most downtown areas have closed off many roads from cars making it only possible to walk or bike through those sections of town.  Side note:  watch when wearing high heals on these cobblestones - it can be very tricky!

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