Thursday, March 11, 2010

Realistic Google Maps

I know this is almost going to sound like a cyber info blog but really this is expatriate related.

Google maps have changed their views to look even MORE realistic than before. 
When you go into google maps you will now see on the top left hand side a little yellow/orange man.

If you click and drag him to any street that lights up you can now see that street in perfect picture quality.  I can now see my own house as if I am standing out side of it. 

(this is not to benefit my stalkers)

What is even cooler, I can now see my home city and my parents house - kinda makes me a little home sick but happy I will be there next month. 

Any person seen in the map has their face automatically blurred out.  My neighbours and their children are seen playing out side of their house but you can not see their face.

This is so cool - thank you google! I know what I will be doing this evening!


Tami said...

This is so convenient when you're planning a trip! It was very useful to me these days as I'm planning a weekend to Budapest! And when I go to Google Maps I can see my boyfriend cleaning his garage, so funny (and weird) :)

Sonya said...

Wow are u that close to water? I think it's neat that they have done that but I sure hope I dont end up as a giant blurred out blob on

Candee said...

No no that is a picture of the city I am from in Canada. I wish we had water fronts like that here.

Lost in Translation said...


Germans have been fighting against google street view as an invasion of privacy But they took some preventative measures and now it is in the works. I think it is really cool. I always look up my city too, and my parents houses. Sometimes it makes me sad, but at the same time it is nice to see.