Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amsterdam canals

If you live in the Netherlands or visit the Netherlands, one thing you MUST do is a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam.  For our Canada Day celebrations, a friend of mine organized a 3 hour Canadian themed boat trip with 40 Canadians (and associates) through the canals with an all you can eat BBQ incl. side dishes and all you can drink (that's usually where it goes wrong for me but that's another story).  The food was beyond delicious!

Even my dog Daisy was invited, in fact, I don't think I would have been allowed on board with out her.

I was totally surprised by the pure beauty of the canals and what was to be seen.  It was hard to socialize with everybody because there was so much to see along the side of the canals.

The Netherlands is very much known for having very little land space and because of this, many people decide to live on boat houses.  During my 9 and a half years living in the Netherlands, I have seen many boat houses but none as beautiful or modern as these.

The different boats and the different type of people that we came across on the canals is what made the trip spectacular (besides the atmosphere inside of the boat of course).
I even found my future boat ;-) 

I know where I will be next Canada Day!  Yup, celebrating it with my new found friend Mr. Moose!


Lise said...

ha ha ha MOOOOOOOSE! Glad you enjoyed yourself. It was so great to have the entire family along for a day out.

PS: you would have been allowed on the boat without Daisy - promise. ! :-) ha ha

Lise :-)

Breigh (Canadutch) said...

Looks like you had a great time :) Oh how I love Daisy!

Sonya said...

Fantastic photos! I told Edwin lastnight I wanted to go on a canal ride. They are so beautiful and one of the biggest reasons I love it here. What a fantastic way to spend the day!

Lizzy said...

Pretty pictures! That's awesome that you got to do something so cool on Canada Day and that you got to experience the canals in Amsterdam! And how fun that you could bring Daisy along too! She is so cute!!!