Monday, July 12, 2010

The Biggest Water Falls in Holland!

The weather was piping HOT here this weekend.  It was 30 plus degrees and sticky humid.  So we decided to go to the biggest water falls in Holland to cool off.  The Loenen water falls, 15 km from Apeldoorn.

Now coming from Ontario, Canada and driving distance from Niagara falls, we would visit the falls often and still do on our trips back to Canada.  Canada is full of hills, mountains and drop offs..... and the Netherlands full of .... well flat flowing ground.  Did you really expect them to have a huge water falls?   The actual size of the waterfalls might surprise you.... or not!

The girls enjoyed cooling off their feet while walking to the falls
There are a total of four steps to the waterfalls - the fourth step is closed off to walk beside but it is about half the size of the rest seen in the picture above.  The total hight of the falls is about15 meters tall. 

Hmph not very impressive compared to Niagara falls?  Maybe not but it is a different type of experience.  Niagara falls is completely over run by tourists and will always be that way.  The Loenen waterfalls will (hopefully) always keep it's natural beauty in the middle of the forest where you can take a long walk and enjoy the pure serenity of nothing but the leaves blowing in the wind.  

Even Daisy enjoyed enjoyed the day out and met a few friends a long the way...

The lovely walk we had to the falls was ended by a delicious ice cream cone. How could we not make a perfect ending out of this day? There is an ice cream van in the parking lot to the waterfalls but we decided to go into town where we could sit and enjoy an ice cream (from the same company as the ice cream van). 

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