Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orange you Glad?

The Netherlands soccer team (football) is through to the finals!  They just played a very exciting game against Uruguay and came out winning 3:2. If only you could hear the partying going on in my street right now as I type this (yes I guess I prefer to sit here and type this then to party in the streets). Cars are honking their horns, squealing their tires. Fireworks are being shot off, vuvuzelas are being blown at full force and the out of tone singing of drunken men set the perfect tone for an after game win party!

Now on to the Finals either against Spain or their rivals, the Germans.  The last time the Dutch played the Germans in the finals was in 1974 and unfortunately lost. I have confidence that they can take it ORANGE all the way!!!

Even Daisy was sporting an orange bandanna to support her favorite Dutch team!


Tammy said...

I'm SO excited about this final. Although I'm pretty sure each game takes at least 2-3 years off my life. I get so worked up!

Sonya said...

Ediwn gets nervous every single time they play..lol after the game there was plenty of fireworks,screams and cars honking their horns:)

Daisy is soooo adorable in her outfit:P