Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Candy Apples for Haiti

To bring in some extra money for Haiti, my daughters school has decided to come together and do a "vasten markt", which literally translates to fasting market.  Most children will bring bake goods, used books, toys and crafts to sell.  The children are instructed not to put much money into what they sell because the idea is to make money.  I couldn't help but put a little extra money into this time then requested but I am sure it will come back 10 fold.
What better than candy apples?? When I would go back to Canada there is this store in the mall that just makes me drool.  They have these big beautiful chocolate candy apples that cost around $10 (CDN).  I have never bought one but one day when I can afford the calories I promise I will. These very chocolate candy apples gave me the idea/inspiration for the "vasten markt".  

First I started out with 18 clean small/medium Elstar apples.

Then I melted chocolate glazing.  Melting chocolate would work as well. 


We crunched up some favourite toppings such as m&m's, pindarotsjes (chocolate covered peanuts) and I had some cupcake toppings on hand - for those in the Netherlands, Hagelslag would work great too.

Sorry for the picture overload but get used to it LOL

I found some sticks (at Xenos) that I had my daughter stick in the bottom of the apples.

I loved that these skewers had a handle.  More than I was actually looking for.

I made a double boiler to keep the chocolate at an ideal temperature. Otherwise it would harden too fast.
I didn't take a picture of dipping the apples - I guess we got carried away with that part. After dipping the apple just roll it in the topping or sprinkle a topping over it.

Don't those look sooo delicious?
These can also be done with white chocolate and caramel which will be my next attempt for my daughters birthday party perhaps.

After they were totally cooled off we wrapped them with clear foil and decorated them with some ribbon.


Although I am sure we could make a fortune on these, I think we are going to keep the prices affordable for the children and sell them for around 2 euros.
My husband thinks I should make another batch to sell to the local chocolate bonbon store as a second job possibility - I don't think my hips could handle it!


Sonya said...

What a wonderful idea that is! The apples look awesome too:) I made caramel apples with homemade dulce de leche..they were sooo good!

I bet those apples are going to sell quick!

Sonya said...

P.S. where did you buy your clear foil? I can not find it anywhere!!!

Candee said...

I also bought that at Xenos (I love that store). It was a few years back though, I'm not sure if they still carry it.

Sonya said...

I love Xenos can find neat baking items there. I will look for it there then:)

Breigh (Canadutch) said...

Ooooooh they look sooooo good!!! I want one right now, like right this very minute! *Drool*

Candee said...

They sold like hotcakes! Ok I couldn't help but buy 3 myself! As much as it hurts to say it... they are not all for me :-( I will be sharing them with the rest of the family.
Sorry Breigh I don't mean to rub it in ;-)

Orangesplaash said...

What an amazingly wonderful way to treat apples :) Am gonna try that one for sure..

~Lopa said...

Awww very delicious...

I am happy i was not there, as i wouldn't have afforded those many calories intake :)

Nice blog btw :)

Pinay in Dutchland said...

How cool is that, my hubby also mixes his own tracks. He is into electric and trance as well.

lily-margaret said...

YUM! I need to make these. Just another great use for all the hagelslaag they have here!