Friday, January 22, 2010


My youngest daughter, Kiana,  is very small especially for a (half) Dutch child.  My husband is just about 6 foot 2 inch and I am about 5 foot 6 inch, so you would think she would have some height to her. But no, she has decided to take after my mother (5'4"?) and grandmother (we're lucky if she is 5 foot).  Kiana is 4.5 yrs old and still wearing size 2 (or 86/92 Europe size), the healthy size for a 2 year old.  There is nothing unhealthy about my daughter - she has always followed the growth curve perfectly, she is just tiny and my dreams of having a 6 foot blond model daughter is over.
She eats pretty good except supper - she just doesn't care much for warm food.  So recently I have been on a mission to find more foods she would like enough to eat everything on her plate (usually failing miserably).  I finally found one and if she would have her way she would only eat them 24/7..... "wentelteefjes" Now I am not letting her call them wentelteefjes the Dutch name for French toast because there is just something that makes my eye twitch as if I am eating raw lemons when I hear a small child say "turn around little bitch" - which is the literal translation to wentelteefjes.  It's hard enough hearing it from her Oma's mouth as if it's a normal word like apple let alone hearing it from a child the size of a 2 year old.

Today I made french toast and put it in her lunch box.  This is the third time she is getting french toast this week.  At least she is now eating good - eating more than myself I must add. 

I don't have a special recipe just the common one (I believe it to be common anyways)

1 lrg egg
2 slices of bread
a sprinkle of cinnamon
a drop of vanilla flavoring (I don't measure)
a few drops of milk

whisk it all together - drop bread in - cover both sides while melting butter in pan.  cook on medium heat reducing to low heat.
I found this sugar maple sprinkle that I sprinkle over it while it is cooking that gives it that extra maple flavour (can u tell I am Canadian yet?).

I top it off with maple syrup and sugar powder.  Mmmmm Smakelijk eten as the Dutch would say.

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Sonya said...

LOL..yeah I would be passing on that phrase aswell. Isnt it amazing the words they use over here? politically correct isnt in their vocab at all.

My two sons eyes lite up when they learned sh** wasnt a bad word over here. Im telling you they savored that word like a favorite piece of candy. I had to start the no saying sh** in the house rule..NEVER thought I would have to do something like

We're alike..Im 5 feet 6 inches and my husband is 6 feet 4 inches..and they arent even the tallest people I have seen