Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

A new year in Holland can not be celebrated with out sounding like a war zone from the fireworks and a lot of oliebollen.  In this country of 16 million the Dutch spent about 65 million euros ($98 million Canadian or $93 million US) on fire works alone!!!!  That is a lot of money that got blown up over night!!! 
No, as a family, we do not buy any!  When I brought my 3 year old daughter to the Netherlands with me, she was so terrified of the fireworks that my husband nor I could even step out side to wish our neighbours a Happy New Year.  9 years later, I still doubt she would hold a star sparkler in her hand.

Here are some very unprofessional video pictures taken with our pocket camera of the war zone fireworks.

Now back to the infamous oliebollen that can not be resisted.... that is if you have a thick lining to your stomach that can handle pure lard.  These raisin dough balls are soaked fried in fat and then served with a thick "sprinkle" of powder sugar. Perhaps this was the origin of the "Dutchy Doughnut"?

Also popular and a bit easier on the tummy is applebeignet's - a slice of apple covered in batter and deep fried then topped off with powder sugar.

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