Friday, January 22, 2010

Netherlands helps Haiti!

I was not surprised to hear the radio stations coming together to raise money for Haiti because they have done this type of charity work before.  Every Christmas they set up a "glass house" where they can not eat (they can only drink non alcoholic beverages/soups/smoothies) and they raise money for Africa.

This time the radio stations, journalists and celebrities came together and people could text message or call to donate money to Haiti.  All together they raised in 24 hours time...41,2 million euros and Minister Bert Koenders doubled that amount bringing the total to around 83,4 million euros!!!!!

Nederland, Ik ben trots op je!!!

(Holland, I am proud of you)


Sonya said...

Isn't that awesome! the dutch always help out..always.

Orangesplaash said...

Thats an amazing contribution..kudos!! Me proud too..:)

Anonymous said...

Just amazing what people can do when they make an effort and come together. I've always thought of the Dutch as very generous and helpful people and this just goes to show it!