Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lunchbox lunches

My public school never had a cafeteria although I have heard that many do in North America.  My childrens school also do not have a cafeteria and as far as I know, not many public school's (basis school) in the Netherlands do.  This results in sending the kids to school with a lunch box.  Actually, I only send the youngest to school with a lunch box and the oldest comes home for lunch and makes her own lunch while I work.
I found all the lunch boxes here very small.  I felt like I was jamming everything in there and not able to fit drinks into the box and often not being able to fit the fruit in.  So I started my search for a durable large lunch box that preferably had separate small containers fitting in one big container. After much searching I found it... The Bento Lap top lunchbox .  Finally I can feed my child more assortment than the usual sandwich and cookie. My husband was so impressed with this lunchbox that he had me order two... one for our youngest daughter and one for him.
My youngest daughter is so happy with her new lunch box that it has turned into her new "toy".  She has been lugging it around everywhere - opening and closing it constantly.
She helped me make Fridays lunch. Everything was her idea (except for the heart shape sandwich).


Annie (Lady M) x said...

What a superb idea! I want one!

Sonya said...

I am sooo loving this! My two sons come home for lunch here. Thankfully we are only a 30 second walk from the school. Im not sued to it though. Back home the boys stayed in school all day. Thankfully I dont work so Im always here to make them something to eat.

I want one of these lunchboxes though..Bento boxes are so cool.