Monday, January 18, 2010

Dutch Children are the happiest

According to new studies Dutch children are once again at the top of the list at being the happiest children in comparison to other industrialized countries.  Unfortunately Canada was a disappointing 17! I didn't think I was unhappy growing up in Canada but I do see where this study is coming from.  This country does seem to focus a lot of their time on the well being of the children.  Here is the article .   I know my children are very happy and I know I am now even more reassured I am doing a good thing by raising them in such a fabulous country!


Sonya said...

I read the article aswell and thought it was correct. We are americans living in the netherlands and our two sons who are 11 and 9 have more freedom here then they would back home. There are countless activities for them and work and home life is more achievable here than back home. So although I had an awesome childhood growing up, I can see for myself the benefits they have here and how much they have changed in the almost 3 years of living here.

Brent said...

No kidding. I wouldn't have guessed (knowing little about Holland, other than that there's ice skating and tulips-both thanks to you!) That must be very reassuring.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse.... my home country placed dead last!