Monday, January 11, 2010

Typical Dutch Winter Dish

It only took me 9 years to even attempt to not only try this dish but be willing to make it before I even know if I would like it or not.
The only reason I attempted it, is because our local grocery store was giving the vegetable mix away for free and we already had the spice mix in our cupboards (also a freebie).  
To make hutspot you basically boil carrots, onions and potatoes together for about 20 minutes then mash them all together - add some milk and the spices.  You really do need the spices or at least pepper and salt other wise it is VERY bland! Traditionally this is served with a sausage or some beef.  We went untraditional and had some chicken schnitzel.
It was better tasting than I expected but like I said, it really needs the spices or it is very bland!  I can see my self making this winterkost (winter dish)  more often.

Edited to add the seasoning:
Luckily I still have the package.  I only used half of the recommended spices since I used about half the recommended amount of potatoes and such (we are a small family and I hate left overs).
So on this package (brand name is Silvo for any  Dutch inquiring minds):
nutmeg, parsley, red paprika powder, mace, lovage, coriander, turmeric, white pepper, cumin seed, dill and salt.


Kacie said...

It sounds healthy!

What kind of spices does it have?

Candee said...

Good question - I should have added that to the blog. I will edit that on the blog now and u can just read it there.

Brent said...

Sounds pretty good. And the verdict is you'd do it again?

Candee said...

I already have the makings for it in the fridge!